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Orgasm Extra FlatPack - 60 caps
Manufacturer: Cobeco Pharma
29.90 EUR
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Orgasm Extra FlatPack contains 60 capsules of powerful nutritional supplements to support your physical and cognitive energies for your daily routine and provide you with more energy in bed.

With ingredients such as Siberian ginseng or vitamin B and a tailored blend of natural ingredients, your performance will be enhanced to contribute to a healthier, more balanced life.

Take two capsules a day with sufficient water to get the perfect dose of vitamins. You'll notice less fatigue and amplified sexual energy.

Product details:

✓ Optimal vitamin intake
✓ More sexual energy
✓ Performance and power in bed
✓ Boosts physical and cognitive energy
✓ More sexual pleasure
✓ Take two capsules a day

Contains: 60 capsules

Ingredients for 2 capsules: 192 mg Medicago sativa, 160 mg Betonica officinalis, 148 mg Cola nitida, 90 mg Eleutherococcus senticosus, 60 mg Polygonum multiflorum, 32 mg Glycyrrhiza glabra, 30 mg Smilax officinalis, 30 mg Beta vulgaris, 30 mg Prunus serotina, 30 mg Angelica sinensis, 30 mg Echinacea purpurea, 30 mg Capsicum annuum, 30 mg Centella asiatica, 30 mg Althaea officinalis, anti-caking agent: E551, bulking agent: rice flour, 10. 6 mg Vitamin B1 (thiamin-HCl) (964% RI*), 10.5 mg TE** Vitamin E (DL-α-tocopheryl acetate) (88% RI*), 10.5 mg Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) (750% RI*), 10.5 mg Niacin (nicotinamide) (66% RI*), 10. 5 mg Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine-HCl) (750% RI*), anti-caking agent: E470b, 9.6 mg Pantothenic acid (calcium-D-pantothenate) (160% RI*), 130 g Folic acid (65% RI*), 112 g D-biotin (224% RI*), 11.2 g Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) (448% RI*), Capsule: E464. *RI = Reference Intake. **TE = Tocopherol equivalent.

Use: take two capsules a day with plenty of water.

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