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   Hygiene and toy care

To ensure that playing around with your toy is not only fun, but also safe and hygienic, please follow these simple hygiene guidelines:
  • Bodily fluids like vaginal secretion, ejaculate and other fluids such as lubricants might adhere to the surface of vibrators, dildos or other erotic toys after usage, potentially providing the grounds for viruses, bacteria and fungal germs. Consequently, toys should be washed and cleaned thoroughly after usage, utilizing clean water and pH-neutral soap or a specialist toy-cleaning agent.

  • If toys are used between more than one partner simultaneously, toys should be washed and cleaned after direct utilization by one partner, before the next partner uses the same toy, to avoid the spread of any infectious germs or viral illnesses. In ensure a safe use of the same toy between partners, the toy should be sanitised after usage utilizing a specialist toy-disinfectant.

  • Some toy - surfaces might be subject to dust and dirt particles sticking to the surface, especially surfaces made out of latex, silicone or damp materials. Hence, it is recommended to wash and clean those toys prior to usage as well.

Toy Care

To keep your toy flexible and smooth as long as possible, the following care measures are recommended:

  • Due to frequent utilization, toys made out of latex, vinyl or silicone might over time become inflexible and stiff, with the surface getting coarse and porose. To keep your toy flexible, smooth and shiny, please wash and clean it regularly after usage.

  • Storage should be dry and clean, especially in the case of electric toys or erotic-toys with a damp surface. Suitable would be bags or boxes made out of plastic or non-fuzzy fabric.

  • Toys made out of latex and vinyl should not be exposed to direct sun light, since UV-rays might damage the surface.

Maintenance and cleaning products
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