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MisSweet Geisha Balls - Purple
Manufacturer: CHISA Novelties
8.90 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs

These purple Geisha Balls will provide a relaxing and stimulating Kegel massage for instant and delayed pleasure in the pure tradition of what the japanese Geishas used to do in order to enhance their pelvic strength, thus increasing their sensations and ultimately their orgasms when titillating the G-spot.

The two white plastic balls can be taken out of their silicone sleeves for an easy cleanup and provide the delicious vibrations Geisha Balls are famous for. Inside, they contain a smaller metal ball that will roll around inside the outer ball and make you vibrate with pleasure when you move. The Geisha Balls will massage your pelvic muscle, stimulate and excite it thanks to soft or intense vibrations.

These "love balls" are made for vaginal insertions and should be worn for 15 minutes daily, during sexy games with your partner or during your solo masturbation session. With time, you can wear heavier balls for better and more intense pelvic training. In the clinical field, they are used to reinforce your pelvic strength after pregnancy and in case of incontinence, while also helping relieving stress through the pleasures of masturbation.

The soft-touch silicone is safe, resistant and easy to clean. It does not contain any phthalates or latex. Before using it, you can boil or refrigerate them for temperature games. For an easier and smoother insertion, you can use water-based lubes.

Product details:
  • Vibrates without battery
  • Easy to take out with the pull ring
  • Safe and durable
  • Fracture resistant
  • Stimulates the G-spot
  • Enhances pelvic strength
Insertable length: ca. 11 cm (ca. 4.3 inches)
Total length: ca. 17.7 cm (ca. 7 inches)
Diameter: ca. 3.6 cm (ca. 1.4 inches)
Ball diameter: ca. 3.3 cm (ca. 1.3 inches)
Weight: ca. 78 g (ca. 2.75 oz)
Material: silicone, ABS
Colour: purple
Compatible: water-based lube
Care: clean with warm soapy water, let air dry

immediately deliverable

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